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What do you need for a road trip in UK

What is the essentials to put in your backpack

I am ready to do my road trip in UK during less than 3 months. With my 60L backpack, let’s discover this amazing countries. Make your backpack or suitcase is an essential step before any departure, diabetic or not.

Preparing the backpack is already a journey.

sac à dos-voyage

1 – Traveling light, a first tip

A backpack 60 liters / 70 liters if you leave more than 15 days.

Do not forget that you also have a smaller bag in front of you. Believe me you will travel with the essential while avoiding to clutter the superfluous that could weigh very quickly very heavy.

One detail: I also add a small plastic bag or cloth to put the dirty laundry. Without forgetting a waterproof cover (which will surely serve in UK). I also have 2 padlocks, which I thought would serve you in youth hostels.

2 – The look?

You can give up your stiletto heels and your last spring ladies dress. For your gentlemen, forget your blaser and your tie, which will be of no help to you to traverse the English countryside.

Here is the example of my backpack for less than 3 months, for a trip in UK:

  • 1 Tee-shirt long sleeve Thermal
  • 1 Thermal Jacket
  • 3 Short Sleeve Teeshirt
  • 3 Shorts
  • 2 Trousers
  • 3 Pair of hiking socks
  • 2 Basic pair of socks
  • 7 panties / 3 Soft brassieres
  • 1 Legging
  • Ultra light jacket (at Uniqlo or Décathlon)
  • hiking shoes

But above all! Never forget but then never a pair of flip flop!

(I let you discover for yourself why on your trip.)

 traitement-sac à dos

3 – The indispensable objects

  • strip
  • Universal Outlet
  • Microfiber towel
  • Rain / Wind
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Blanket
  • Flash light
  • A box of Compeed
  • A nail clipper kit / tweezers
  • Tick Tongs

I never go away without my belt FLIPBELT which makes very practical during the walks. I can then drag my important papers, keys, phone etc. While remaining discreet this belt with pretty colors will replace your old banana bag.


I also have the MedAngel One in my backpack, to keep me informed of the temperature of my insulins connected in bluetooth by the application of my phone.

If you want to find these two indispensable articles, I invite you on the site:


Basic accessories

  • Pair of small scissors
  • Cotton
  • Cotton rods
  • Sponges
  • Dressings
  • Bands
  • Tape
  • For the traveller: I recommend the straw Lifestraw which allows to filter a non potable water.
  • Disinfectant
  • Antibacterial gel
  • Treatment for diarrhea


4 – I organize my diabetes

Everyone can traveling, even being diabetic.

Don’t forget:

  • An order in English and the other language where you are going
  • A proof of your / your provider if you are carrying pump
  • A card that you always have on you “I am diabetic …”
  • Take a little more of your treatment (insulins, strips etc.)
  • Foot cream for diabetic if hiking

Put your treatment in your carry-on rather than in the hold. For the simple and good reason that your insulins could germinate.

So I have hand luggage, my backpack and my small briefcase where I put all my equipment for diabetes. I use MABOX luggage. Practical, solid and isothermic, I present you the ideal hand luggage to carry anywhere with you or for the daily organization at home by replacing your old dresser filled with useless box.

  • I use the large carry-on baggage for the airport with all my equipment needed for my 3 month trip. The smallest format, isotherm also I take with me in each of my hikes.
  • Find also on the MABOX website accessories like a special cream for the feet of diabetics. This foam cream will be very practical after long days of walking. Do not forget to protect your feet, we are more prone to infections than others. 
  • I also have a pair of cotton sock mixed special diabetic for maximum comfort.
    You also have a ShotBlocker, if you are sensitive when injections pose it on you. This injection guide, formed of small spikes will prevent your brain from realizing where you bite, you will not feel any pain.


Here is the website to find MABOX.

Have a nice trip!


– Mathilde –

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