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Vaccines for a world tour

When traveling abroad for a short or long term, it is prudent to get vaccinated and to learn about the particular dangers of a place in which you intend to go. So, make an appointment with your general practitioner (1 month minimum in advance), he will advise you himself the best vaccine according to your destination. The vaccines that are made are recorded in a small vaccination record. They are very important because it is sometimes necessary to present this booklet to pass certain borders.

The different vaccines for a round the world



Recommended as a preventive measure for travelers who will be located in isolated areas where rabies is widespread

– 3 injections
– Treatment to be taken in the event of contamination (bite, scratching of an animal)

Typhoid Vaccine

Disease caused by the ingestion of water or foodstuffs that have been fecally contaminated by humans (good appetite, of course)
Countries: Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa and Central Asia.
To do 15 days before departure.
Price: 25 €

Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine

Transmitted by the bite of a mosquito.
Country: Southeast Asia all year round and all of Asia during monsoon periods.
Two injections on D0 and D28.
Price: from 150 to 200 € for 2 injections


Yellow Fever Vaccine

Disease transmitted by monkeys and mosquitoes.
Country: Africa, South America.
No time requirement before departure.
Price: 50 euros.

Hepatitis A Vaccine

Contamination is by consuming water or food containing the virus.
Country: all
Reminder 6 to 12 months later
Price: 24 euros

The dengue

There is no vaccine against dengue yet. As with malaria, this disease is transmitted by mosquitoes. The same precautions must be taken to avoid getting stung.

Hepatitis B Vaccine

The main causes of transmission of the virus are sexual relations and contact with contaminated blood.
Country: all
2 injections at 6-month intervals
Price: 45 euros

Vaccine for rabies

Transmission occurs most often after the bite of a contaminated animal, by scratching but also by drooling.
Country: High-risk area: Asia, Africa, South America.
Three injections on D0, D7, D21 or D28
Price: 120 euros for the 3 injections

The malaria vaccine
In terms of treatment for malaria, I do not want to comment.

The ideal thing is to go see your doctor.
Malaria is caught by mosquito bites. This disease is scary because there is not yet a vaccine. In addition, it is very painful or even fatal in some cases when it is not treated quickly.

– Present only in tropical regions (warm and humid) such as Africa, Asia, South America, Oceania, Middle East ..
Cover your legs and arms with pants and a long-sleeved t-shirt as soon as you notice that there are a lot of mosquitoes. Beware the mosquitoes are particularly active at dusk. Use an anti-mosquito as often as necessary.

There are many drugs. They are taken before arriving in the high-risk area and the treatment should generally continue after leaving. This is particularly the case with Doxycycline. The choice of the best drug is a controversial subject. Their prices vary enormously and they each have more or less side effects and effectiveness.
Price: about 200 euros for 1 month of treatment.


One injection each year (may be responsible for serious complications)



Do not overload, take the minimum especially if you are in a backpack. In more severe cases, as well as it may be, your first aid kit will not be sufficient. A good strategy is to foresee what to look after the small bobos and the common inconveniences of health like the tourist and of course the sunburn.

What to put in your first aid kit:
– Dressings, Bandage
– Disinfectant
– Anti-diarrhea
– An intestinal antibacterial
– A general antibiotic
– An aspi-venin
– Paracetamol (no aspirin because it fluids blood and it can be dangerous if you get internal bleeding if you catch dengue, for example)
– Biafine or gel 100% aloe-vera
– Water purifying tablets

No vaccinations for a round the world are reimbursed by the security, so it is a budget in addition to be expected. This is why it is very important to consult your doctor well in advance, to speak well with him to see what it is possible to do and see what it is possible to do in prevention.

Have a nice trip.     

– Mathilde –

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