insulin pump, omnipod, diabetes

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Hello there,

Today, let me introduce the Omnipod insulin pump. I would say a revolutionary device. The Pod is 3,9 cm (1,5 in) by 5,2 cm (2 in) and had a depth of 1,45 cm (0,6 in). As there are no tubing connections, there is no need to disconnect it. Have a look at the pictures, it is relatively small thanks to wireless technology. Diabetes management becomes easy and more discreet.

insulin pump, omnipod, diabetes

Intuitive, the insulin pump is easy to use

Here is the very first insulin pump without tubing connections. It comes with an automated insertion and nearly painless of the Teflon cannula integrated a blood glucose meter and a bolus calculator. Pretty cool, right?

The system is divided into two components that communicate wirelessly: the Pod and the PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager).

  • The Pod includes the insulin reservoir, the pump, and the perfusion set.
  • The PDM is a portable device that manages and controls the Pod but also collects data. The FreeStyle blood glucose meter is entirely integrated. (You don’t have to use the PDM’s meter, I personally always have my pretty pink mobile Accu-Chek.)
How long can I keep one Pod?

The Pod lifetime is 72 hours after it has been activated. It is best to change it at the same moment every three days. I prefer replace mine in the morning between 7:30am and 8am.

Can the insulin be continuously delivered?

Yes, it is how it works! It delivers insulin all the time. However, people wearing traditional pump have to regularly disconnect them to wash, swim, etc. For the Pod, it is different. It is waterproof so you can use it in the pool, in the shower, the bath or at the beach. However, the PDM is not watertight.

The Pod and the PDM don’t need to be continuously close from each other. The Pod will still deliver basal insulin even if the PDM is far from it. However, when you need to set an insulin delivery you must bring both elements closer.

Does it use same injection sites as another pump?

You can position the Pod on many sites. Actually, you can place it at the same as those used for the others pumps or your normal injection zones (abdomen, leg, top of the thigh, lower back or behind the arm). Avoid having it within a 5 cm (2 in) radius around the navel or in sites that can come into contact with the belt or tight clothing. This can lead to rubbing, remove the device or affect its functioning.

A big YES to vacation! A big YES to sport!

[themify_icon icon=”fa-hand-o-right” style=”large” icon_color=”#2a5272″]The advice of a backpacker.

When flying, it is advisable to take:

  • All your medication with you in hand baggage
  • Enough Pods for your journey and a reserve for unforeseen events
  • New PDM batteries, don’t use rechargeable batteries
  • An extra blood glucose meter (I have already two)
  • Insulin pens and needles is injections are needed
  • Prescription in your language and other according to your country of destination.


It is always useful to have a signed letter from your care provider to ensure you need to have insulin reserves and your device, mylife Omnipod. Trust me, have one in two languages, they will not try to translate in some countries.

insulin pump, omnipod, diabetes
insulin pump, omnipod, diabetes
insulin pump, omnipod, diabetes
What happens if I lose my PDM?

Based on my own experience and testimonies, it is very unusual for people to lose their device. However, if it is, contact customer support immediately to buy a replacement PDM. In most cases, you will receive it within 24 hours. Some people prefer asking for a replacement device before leaving just in case. Your provider would normally give you a second one during your first appointment.

Can I sometimes remove the Pod?

No, the Pod is designed for single use only. Once removed, you will not be able to replace it on your skin. You can keep it 72 hours before switching with a new one. Honestly, you will forget it in a few hours. It never bothered me.


Good to know!

The Pod can contain up to 200 insulin units. It needs at least 80 units to begin to operate. This insulin pump is not for everyone. If you need more than 200 units over 72h, this is not adapted for you. But don’t worry, each to his own treatment!

This insulin pump is awesome in view of its progress (see the pictures) but we are all different. I was fortunate to try it for a few months, but I prefer to travel with my insulin pens, less equipment to have in my backpack.


insulin pump, omnipod, diabetes


I hope this article about the Pod allowed you to better understand how it works. And you, are you rather an insulin pump person or a pen needle one?

– Mathilde –

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