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HbA1C test, what does that mean?

Hello hello, Every three months, as a health-conscious and disciplined diabetic, I control my levels of blood sugar with a HbA1c test, also called hemoglobin A1c test or glycohemoglobin. I have been fighting for ten years now to maintain a 7% HbA1c level, a battle against diabetes but also against myself. July 2016 marked a turning point. I see …

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My World Tour Travel with diabetes United Kingdom

What do you need for a road trip in UK

What is the essentials to put in your backpack I am ready to do my road trip in UK during less than 3 months. With my 60L backpack, let’s discover this amazing countries. Make your backpack or suitcase is an essential step before any departure, diabetic or not. Preparing the backpack is already a journey. …