Before leaving My World Tour

Which insurance for a world tour?

Worl tour, travel … Taking insurance is one of the first things to do. Indeed, it is recommended or even indispensable to subscribe one, under penalty of having very big problems of expenses at the other end of the earth. I have a little anecdote to tell you.

What is the best insurance to leave?

Before any departure longer or shorter trip, one asks many questions in particular what travel insurance to choose?

There is obviously a lot of insurance for expatriates depending on your situation and the type of trip. It is better to subscribe one despite sometimes the exorbitant prices. The reasons are many, the main one being the cost of medical expenses abroad that can quickly be a brake on your journey. In Australia, I had to go to hospital urgently because I developed pneumonia. It had to fall on me !!! I stayed 2 days in intensive care. The staff was very friendly and the treatment was efficient. The bill of $ 10,000 was fortunately taken care of by my insurance and I did not need to take out a penny from my pocket.

And my bank card in all this?

Ask your banker before your departure, depending on your card the guarantees are not the same and very often they are insufficient to cover you abroad in case of accident or illness. It is best to take out full travel insurance at the beginning of your trip to leave safely.

How to choose your insurance?

First, read the general conditions and compare them to your diabetes. Do not hesitate to contact the insurer and ask for details.

Remember to check:
– The amount of the medical expenses (what is the maximum overall amount, do there exist ceilings per consultation with the doctor for example?) …
– The payment of medical expenses in the first euro (and not in addition to social security)?
– Is the assistance and repatriation guarantee present? The luggage insurance (covers during transport, during the whole stay, what are the exclusions?)
– Liability insurance?

For diabetes:
Ask your insurer if all medical expenses are taken care of like taking blood to make your glycated hemoglobin for example. A good contact with your diabetologist is important, he can always help you from a distance if necessary.

After these few info to make sure, are you ready to go?

– Mathilde –

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