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HbA1C test, what does that mean?

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Every three months, as a health-conscious and disciplined diabetic, I control my levels of blood sugar with a HbA1c test, also called hemoglobin A1c test or glycohemoglobin. I have been fighting for ten years now to maintain a 7% HbA1c level, a battle against diabetes but also against myself.

July 2016 marked a turning point. I see my diabetes differently and I lead another life. I did not become a wonderwoman, far from it! However, I realized the importance of following my disease carefully. It is with a lot of energy, joie de vivre and ambition that I approach the life as a long trip, one with my backpack, my good mood and my diabetes. I decided to positively live my life with that annoying diabetes, with ups and downs. As we have to live together, it should be in harmony. I accepted it.

Always on the road, looking for adventures and meetings, I have to deal with another management and different treatment from one country to another.

Today, let’s talk about HbA1C.

What is the HbA1C test and what is it for?

The HbA1c is a blood sugar level average over the past three months. To realise the HbA1C test, a blood test is needed. It measures the amount of blood sugars that is the glucose fixed by the red blood cells. Read this interesting article to know more about the HbA1c test. 

blood test, HbA1C test, diabetes
nurse, hospital, diabetes
blood test, HbA1C test, hospital, diabetes
Have you ever heard about number 7?

The objective of a diabetic person is to get an average blood sugar levels lower than or equal to 7%. Beyond this value, people can develop long term complications. These are many of them and can sometimes be severe. They can affect the cardiovascular system with a high blood pressure, arteritis, heart attack or cerebrovascular accident risks. That can lead to microangiopathic lesions, this is when small blood vessels of the retina or kidneys are damaged.

Poorly controlled diabetes can cause complications in a short time such as renal insufficiency, skin conditions (foot wounds), vision problems, etc. That is why you should carefully follow-up your travel companion.

But we should not speak about misfortune today!

Let’s go back to the HbA1c test, an important test to proper management of his diabetes. For a non-diabetic person, you must have a rate between 4 and 6%.

Little reminder of the HbA1c and the average blood glucose match:

> Glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) 6% = blood glucose 1,2g/ml

> Glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) 7% = blood glucose 1,5g/ml

> Glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) 8% = blood glucose 1,8g/ml

> Glycated haemoglobin (HbA1c) 9% = blood glucose 2,1g/ml

blood glucose meter, insuline pen, diabetes

How can I reduce my HbA1c level?

Balance diet, sport activity and an adequate treatment provided by my doctor contribute to  control my diabetes and thus, reduce my HbA1c level.                                                                    

HbA1c and blood glucose, what are the differences?


The HbA1c level is used to know the overall glycaemia over the past three months. It measures the sugar rate fixed by red blood cells haemoglobin. It is obtained thanks to a blood test but an empty stomach is not necessary. As a reference point for diabetes follow-up, the HbA1c is widely used by health professionals.

Blood glucose

The glycaemia allows to know the blood sugar level at the time of testing. It is measured in gram per litter. The test result can vary during the day, after eating or having a sport activity for instance. The capillary glycaemia obtained from your fingertips is used to adapt the treatment. However, venous glycaemia ensures the correct self-censorship functioning.


[themify_icon icon=”fa-hand-rock-o” style=”large” icon_color=”#2a5272″]In any cases, keep fighting. Diabetes should follow your dreams, your life and your wishes but not drive it.

You parent of diabetic children, you type-1 and type-2 warriors, it is the battle of your life and moral force is your best weapon!

Share and support each other, that is a good perspective, isn’t it?

Take care. Lots of love.

– Mathilde –

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