Diabetic ketoacidosis, when the body cries for help

Have you ever heard of ketoacidosis or the ketoacidosis coma?

This is due to insufficient insulin, which results in a rise in the level of sugar in the blood which then brings the patient into physical degradation. Today, I want to talk about ketoacidosis and the implications. I had myself three decompensations in my life. It is with warning my diabetic friends, I wish to share my experience.


Understanding this complication

In case of insulin-dependent diabetes, (type 1 as mine), as you know that it is vital for a patient to have insulin injections to balance his diabetes. Ketoacidosis is a complication of diabetes which is characterized by a lack of insulin because glucose (sugar) does not enter or badly in the cells where it is needed. The cells will have to use other constituents as fuel to function. They are then oriented towards fatty acids, which are the basic elements of the fatty substances contained in the blood, but whose degradation will lead to the formation of other chemical elements which will then accumulate in the blood. There is therefore an increase in the acidity of the blood, caused by the accumulation of the ketone bodies.


The challenge is to pinpoint the severity of ketoacidosis. Ketoacidosis is very serious and even fatal …

Some symptoms:

– Characteristic breath (like a rotten apple)

-Nausea and vomiting

-Encourse of the appetite

-Abdominal pain

-Pale skin

– Need to drink therefore need to urinate frequently


A really good hyperglycemia…


In the most serious cases:

-Dehydration accompanied by accelerated breathing (the acceleration of respiration allows the elimination of carbon dioxide accumulated in the body, source of blood acidity.)

-Coma secondary due to excessive accumulation of acid bodies in the body

-The amount of urine is usually higher than usual



One of the complications of this disease.

It is important to recognize this complication and the symptoms. Ketoacidosis arrived really quickly. This is an important subject that I should discuss with you. I know how difficult it is to manage each day relentlessly and that an injection is quickly forgotten. The accumulation of hyperglycemia will not remove your diabetes. Do not lose hope and always remember that it is possible to live with diabetes. So pease, take care of you.


– Mathilde –


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