Customize your Freestyle libre with HélOui

With HélOui your Freestyle will be super stylish!

Over 720 stickers for all diabetics,

young and old, men, women and children.

A collection for everyone, judge by yourself!

Why not make an accessory with an identity, color and life?

As you know, I’ve been wearing the Freestyle libre since August 2017. It’s on Instagram, I discovered the world of Héloise. OK, I have a status of traveler but … I love fashion too! The alliance of being able to wear my Freestyle libre and able to customize the sensor, just  conquered me. With each mood, event, feeling a new sticker!

The sticker fit perfectly during the 14 days of the sensors. In the shower, at the pool, in a sauna, after a good workout, with a temperature over 35 degrees and below -40! I tested everything … Nothing moves and the sticker is still pretty. It will not be damaged on time!


But who’s created HélOui? 

Héloïse, of course! Type 1 Diabetic since the age of 8 years. She also knows that diabetes will not stop her from anything she wants to do.

“The sensor is not really a feminine object and not very sexy.” Héloïse


Diabetes is invisible but not the sensor.

Where the idea of ​​creating a nice sticker to dress and customize came from.

You can also find HélOui on Instagram Facebook Tumblr

3 collections + 1 free!

Choose 4 collections and pay only 3!

→ I already try the collection Party – Quotes – Tattoo – Alive – Super girl …

and you, which collection do you prefer?

See you soon

– Mathilde –

(Cover picture of Sabine Verzier.)

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