Customize your Freestyle libre with HélOui

With HélOui your Freestyle will be super stylish! Over 720 stickers for all diabetics, young and old, men, women and children. A collection for everyone, judge by yourself! Why not make an accessory with an identity, color and life? As you know, I’ve been wearing the Freestyle libre since August 2017. It’s on Instagram, I …


Diabetic ketoacidosis, when the body cries for help

Have you ever heard of ketoacidosis or the ketoacidosis coma? This is due to insufficient insulin, which results in a rise in the level of sugar in the blood which then brings the patient into physical degradation. Today, I want to talk about ketoacidosis and the implications. I had myself three decompensations in my life. …

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Type-1 diabetes, Type-2 diabetes – What is the difference?

Are there different types of diabetes? Yes, there are! There are four forms of diabetes. In this article, I will address the two main forms of it: type-1 diabetes and type-2 diabetes. Let me remind you that I am not a doctor. I am just sharing my experience as a type-1 diabetic person diagnosed in …