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Cambridge, prestigious city

What to do in Cambridge?

Today I will tell you what to do in Cambridge for one day. Only 50 minutes by train from London, for a round trip of about £ 25, come and discover this university city, founded in 1209 by students of Oxford fleeing at the time the conflicts and protests, where the oldest college still exist. A city full of history, buildings with a unique style, the majestic River Cam and the many parks.



Arriving at Cambridge train station, you are a 12 minute walk from the city center. Along the way and on the whole of the city, you will discover buildings more beautiful than each other, a day rich in history awaits you. A taste of bohemian and back in the past are at the rendezvous.

It is unnecessary to recall the importance of the University of Cambridge, which together with Oxford are among the best universities in the world and are the 2 best universities in Europe.

Today, 31 colleges are managed autonomously and independently, providing accommodation and educational follow-up for students while the university is responsible for teaching. More than 40% of the population has a higher education diploma, more than twice the national average. Impressive is not it?

The guarantee to take full view, if you want to make a break from the London life. Inspiring and fascinating, the city almost makes us want to return to the student world. Take the western direction, start at the most distant points, pass Cambridge University with its Botanic Garden, then cross Sheep’s Green Park, you will soon be near the oldest college, Peterhouse, founded in 1284. One The King’s College Chapel, begun in 1446 according to the wishes of King Henry VI, which was completed in 1515 under the reign of King Henry VIII. The library (see picture above) is as impressive on the outside as on the inside. Go for a walk and discover the oldest books.

Head towards the center, crossing the famous Cam River on the Mathematical Bridge and discover the streets filled with history to other colleges and universities. I had a great time at King’s College Chapel and St Catharine’s College. Follow the smells of the market on the main square and head to Great St Mary’s Church for one of the best spot with a breathtaking view of Cambridge. The Fitzwilliam Museum is also worth a visit. Then head to Jim Garrahy’s Fudge Kitchen, conveniently located across from King’s College’s main entrance. You will find a plethoric choice of fudges and other traditional biscuits and cakes. (A small injection is welcome, I guarantee you, I had reached the 3.48 with a chocolate sweets …)

I really recommend you this wonderful university town to 200% as a twin Oxford, a day amply enough to discover the wonders of Cambridge.

Have a good trip!

– Mathilde –

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